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This is “Fred”, a castrated male donkey (and therefore milder tempered), soon to be hauling a cart for construction supplies at the Yakote Women Farmers Social Center. Richard, one of the bookkeepers at the Kongo-Logre Clinic has a second government job as a donkey meat inspector at the nearby Pelungu Market. He knew we were looking for a donkey. One morning at 6:30 Richard called to say he had a healthy specimen down by the main road. I threw on some clothes and ended up negotiating to purchase this handsome fellow for $173.

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The Kongo Basketweavers cooperative has started filling orders a few orders for the coming year to ship overseas. To make this possible, Rose and Monica (the only two weavers who speak English) now have smartphone. Marilyn is helping them master the technology.

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The clinic was virtually out of medications! For less than $10/year/family, most in Ghana purchase government sponsored health insurance that covers routine care and medications at local clinics. Due to economic issues, the government has not paid the clinics for those services in over 13 months. Without the insurance reimbursement, the Kongo clinic now has a bill equivalent to $36,000 with the local pharmaceutical supplier. Understandably, the supplier is not willing to extend more credit.

Thanks to Google Inc.’s generous policy of matching employee donations, we were able to set aside $1,000 for purchase of essential medications-antibiotics, fever control, pain medications, intravenous fluids, and even some much needed vitamins for children and pregnant women.


Filling the clinic vehicle at the pharmaceutical supplier in Bolga.

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